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tv   [untitled]    July 30, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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excuse cowen >> supervisor cowen is excused roll call vote on item 19. >> on item 19 (calling names). >> the ordinance is finally passed. and with that colleagues why don't we recall our special 3:00 p.m. order to bring back to the i staff and if staff could inform us to your conversations that would be helpful >> thank you, president chiu we
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have identified units on this report housing codes and inspectors units and i have a statute of summaries here. we would like to read them into the record >> sir, you've identified the individual addresses so we can dispense with this item and a right. and i don't believe they are we'll remove them from the table and i have a list of 7 >> why don't you read those into the record. >> first address t is 822 arkansas street and beulah street. next one is 51 linda street.
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next one is 48 majestic avenue. the other one is 581 mall especially e he will street. another one is 172 raymond avenue and the last is 379 bee street >> thank you, colleagues would we have a motion to accept the report without objection it will be amended. i want to recognize the deputy city attorney. >> so the d b i staff has indicated if there's additional properties on top of the 7 they would remove those from the list. i have drafted some language to get that read into the record >> why don't you read that into
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the record. >> so you'd be adding a resolve clause that the department review the code in the office of the board of supervisors file number to be filed my to remove any units without permit. and the building inspectors should provided a report and it's the intent of the board the city will not impose liens added without comment. is there a motion to amend the resolution we have a motion and a second. can we take that without objection. unless there's any further discussion what we take a roll call vote on item 53 to adopt
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this motion as amended (calling names) >> many resolution is adopted as amended. >> thank you very much supervisors. >> why don't we go back to the recommendations from the budget committee item 20. improving with american airlines to increase the land rent. colleagues can we take this same house, same call >> item 21 is a resolution
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chaufl the china airlines recently in a term ending in 8 years and 2 months. same house, same call >> item 22 is a resolution approving retroactively airports and with l i l with a city with a term of 3 years. >> same house, same call. >> a lease all the time with pelicano amendments to reduce rentals. >> this resolution is adopted. >> resolution to approve retroactively the community
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health services to provide services in an amount not to exceed 29 million. >> same house, same call this resolution is adopted. >> item 25 is a resolution to approve the district attorney's office to accept an expend amount for the purpose of implementing a legal educational advocate program. >> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted >> item 26 a resolution approving the public utilities commission with a contract not to exceed approximately 5 hundred and 21 thousand. >> same house, same call this resolution is adopted. >> item 27 is a resolution authorizing the general manager the public utilities manager to
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enter into a contract with a tenant at completion through the junior 20022. >> same house, same call. >> and this is in connection with the public safety building under the earthquake safety bond program increasing the amount by 2015. >> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted >> item 19 is resolution to accept a grant from the california coast concerto from the crane and remove of the work on pier 84 important the period of august 2013 through 14. same house, same call >> and this is a resolution
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pursuant to the contract of the owners of 201 and the city authorizing the property historical contract. >> same house, same call. >> item 31 is the resolution for the sheriff's department to enter into a contract with the city for inmate males for a 5 year period for an amount not to exceed 52 million and a same house, same call. >> 30 years the office of economic and workforce development to accept an in kind gift for the development of the web based hiring tax application. >> same house, same call. >> item 33 is the resolution to have the department of public
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health to operate in a program tb program and waving the indirect costs. >> same house, same call this resolution is adopted and a item 34 is a resolution authorizing the department of public health to extend from the at the present time, of public health for the terminal child and health development and a same house, same call this resolution is adopted. >> item 35 is a resolution authorizing the director to having authorize a proposal for the term of september 31st and a same house, same call. this resolution is a adopted >> item 36 is a resolution authorizing the director of the
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risk management direct to authorize a broke management services all the time inform to exceed the value for 19.5 million. >> same house, same call. this resolution is amended if we could call 37 and 38 >> it's the delivery of certifies of participation if oneor more series in an agency gait principle and item 38 provided a grant for the fund and putting them on the refers for the participants in one or more series and a same house, same call the resolution is adopted item 39.
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>> it's a resolution to 30 years certain rental payment under the city at the port of san francisco. >> same house, same call. this is resolution is adopted >> item 40 is the adoption of the port for administrative services financing. >> same house, same call. this resolution is adapted >> item 41 is a resolution retroactively between two permits thereto city through the transportation authority for the island rents project for a total of 81.7 million through 2013. >> same house, same call. item 42 is a resolution for the
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mayors of housing to the redevelopment agency to enter into a 99 year lease with is hundred excuse me. 1100 ocean avenue for the development of affordable housing on real property >> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted >> item 43 is a resolution to allow the office of public works to have fund award through the period of 2016. >> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. next item >> item 44 and had 5 are together. 44 is a 5 year lease at 1744 chavez street with a monthly cost of 21 thousand through
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september 2018 >> same house, same call without objection this resolution is adopted. >> the next ordinance is for transportation and for vendor mandatory services to provide supplies for an additional counteracting amount not to exceed approximately 39.1 million through july 31st, 2014. >> same house, same call. this resolution is adopted >> item 46 is an ordinance to establish a height food retailer promising program. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you, president chiu. alongside with my co- sponsor cowen i'd like to urge you to support our healthy program will
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help to transform our mom and pop stories to stop selling junk food. the purpose of the legislation will hyperhelp us to gain access by providing incentives for existing small businesses and mom and pop convenience stores to over produce. it's to help the small business owners who wish to create a better business policies. it supports the amazing and a long-standing groups like the south east workforce groups the tinder store coalition and the isn't institute and a many other for environment for justice where they began 10 years ago in
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neighborhoods they've all helped shape this legislation to address issues of food access and community height. i want to thank the arab groceries information and helping in reach out and drafting and support thisors o ordinance. in many part of our service there's not many that offer vegetation and there are an overabundance of stores that sell foods high in sugars and salts. this will help the smaller businesses to become for competitive and will offer more healthy foods. the programs will help in
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supplementing oots small business owners. and it will be mended with the department of public health of public health and the store coalition and establishing the associations. this will create a specialized one stop shop for an array of services. to participate in the program retailers must agree to receiveables to devout areas for allow fat products to participate in their program so that's over one 3rd of their stores. the retailer must not have one fifth of their stores to
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tobaccos. and a community advisory group that's composed that destroy stewart's and grassroots city staff will meet to help with guidance. the preliminary vehicle will be the invest in neighborhoods that's already activated. i'm proud to support this foundation work and lord to watching it grow. i want to thank nick from my office along with the grassroots in tenderloin. i urge your support colleagues >> thank you supervisor mar. >> i'm also very excited about this legislation. i want to appreciate supervisor mary's office and want to
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recognize some of the organizations in the tenderloin that also worked on 3 are the issue, of course, is we have community that are low income community that don't have access to the healthy foods. it has to be improved. what's excited is it's grassroots and two there's a strong youth leadership in this legislation and third there's an incentive that is an incentive legislation and it's not a punishment approach. i want to thank a lot of folks. those folks have been working in
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the community and neighborhoods to identify stores and identify allies and partners and to transform our neighborhood. we have 73 corner stores and the good news is they got a 3 star rating which means they were selling vegetation and meats and they were working on the types of advertisements on their stores. this legislation is important because it appraise an incentive to work cholesterol with our store owners and incentives to change their small business practice. talking with the american arab grocery association they appreciate we're trying to work
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with the small business owners and to provide them incentives through dollars to make in a realtor. from the attained for many, many years we've been trying to attract a large service grocery shore and have not be able to do that but if we work with the small businesses and try to help them shift their sales from tobacco but to help them model selling healthy foods. i'm really proud to support this legislation and want to appreciate everyone that was involved >> supervisor mar. >> yeah. things supervisor kim. i want to say how inspiring that
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was to work with the supervisors in that district. or the youth of vietnamese youth center their collaborative in supporting the small businesses. one of the most spierg piece ofs legislation because of the bottom-up legislation groups and also the people who support the intends it's been a great learning experience to learn from our grassroots folks from the city. thank you >> colleagues can we take a roll call vote on this item?
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(calling names). >> >> ordinance is passed think is first reading . >> from sixth street subject to specified finding. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. since i've come into office it's been a fast-growing corridors. with those folks coming here on a daily basis. we're reaching a tipping issue where moss more residents come to this area.
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a few weeks ago a couple of folks who opened a small retail on second street is partnering now to have a few service grocery stores in a neighborhood that lacked one. it's been great we've been able to find a grocery store. as this area continues to develop at least 31 units will be coming on line and we're expecting thousands of workers. this is the time for the city to study what type of facility on our streets. both preserving exist locally small business owners that have made this their home in several
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areas and even new businesses while you encouraging a diverse commercial area while stabilizing working areas. this is the serving areas and the future opportunity for ownership is at handor as this area continues to raise rents are gop. and we have many retailer establishments on market. 10 fast food restaurants which are two-thirds. and additional formula retail may eliminate profundities
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opportunity for businesses to grow in the mid market area. it's important we protect our vital small business owners that have transcribed to the vitality of this area. so this is the legislation that's before us today. it places intermediate controls for 18 months as we study the retail citywide. it's on businesses that front on market street. understanding there are market uses that are positive. we did can i ever out an exception for grocery storess. so it's not a blanket restriction.
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we limited the area from sixth to van ness because they're more businesses orientation. and we have the mall on market and fifth and fourth. i want to acknowledge there's several districts like 2 example 5 and 10 so we look forward to working with particular reason to work on their study to include the areas clid market area and kings street. i want to thank the supporters of this legislation the market association and the arab successor and the chamber of commerce and also, we want to thank the small business owner commission for their unanimous support.
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thank you. the last item was unanimous were item 48 >> item 48 is ordinance is a lounge located at gary boulevard with the convenience of the city and a same house, same call. >> item 49 a resolution with the transfer of an off sale of the general license to best doing business as city target will serve the community and a colleagues can we take this same house, same call. this resolution is adopted >> item 50 is a motion at an election to be held on ordinance amendment the any of us code
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allowing the employees to ask for flexible working hours. >> colleagues i appreciate our consideration of our family friendly ordinance. all of us probably a number of times every year are asked what we're doing for families and while the city has helped to build affordable housing we know there's more we can do. this is a proposal that can be more of a solution. in years i've heard from parents juggling daycare and childcare and soccer and decreases appointment. 90 percent of those folks have
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surveyed conflict environments. this is something i and many of us have thought about as we've thought about raising families. because of single-family households and women entering the workplace this traditional family only make ups one out of 5 families but the expectations the care has not changed. we looked around the world for policies. in 2007 there were 3 united states senators then senators
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hillary clinton, ted kennedy and barack obama that proposed in congress a flexible work environment. they having asked for changes in job shifts and to tell commute or share a job. this came from other countries like great britain and ireland and new zealand where this policy has been an excellent one.